When will FreeHostingCloud.com relaunch?
We are working on getting servers up and running right now.

What will I get?
Free Hosting on the Cloud servers of our providers.

Where are my previous files?
We do not yet have access to the old instances which have been offline for over a year but if we can recover them we will send out an email to all our affected users.

How much does Free Hosting Cloud cost?
Well, as the title suggests, it is 100% free. We don’t even charge for add-ons, modules, plugins, gigabyte or database overages. Our only goal is to provide a fully supported platform on which the whole world can launch its websites.

How do you offer a free hosting product like this?
FreeHostingCloud is ad-supported. While you generate the site, content and visitors, we try to advertise our hosting services, and the services of our partners, on your site (as inconspicuously as possible), in order to generate revenue and interest.

I have other questions, how can I get them answered?
Please use our Contact form.